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Receiving Ghost error when trying to deploy image


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Ghost Solution Suite


You receive a Ghost error while trying to deploy a Windows 10 image to a machine with a UEFI or EFI.

If image don't have system reserved partition, then use CESP(create EFI Sytem Partition) switch.  Do want to continue?

Then you get a Yes or No option.  This error will appear on the screen.

You'll see a different error if you review the GHOSTERR.TXT file that Ghost generates when it fails when you try to use the -cesp switch that is recommended.

Error Number: 19330
Message: EstimateFatClustersUsed: Unknown fat_type: 0
Version:  7 2015, Build=8010
OS Version: Professional  (Build 9200)
Command line arguments: -cesp


Currently unknown


Development has been made aware of this issue and it currently working towards finding the root cause.