Turning on more detailed query error messages in CCS
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Turning on more detailed query error messages in CCS


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

Often when no data is returned for a query, a warning or message occurs but is of a type not normally sent back to the Application Server from the CCS Manager(s).  Thus no data may be seen and no, or not all, messages are displayed.  Following are two settings to change in a CCS Manager configuration file causing it to send all of the messages back to the Application server.  These messages are then displayed in the Messages for that job.  These messages may assist in diagnosis.

NOTE: This is a global setting and will cause multiple messages to be sent to the Application Server for the job. Many of these messages are inconsequential. 


CCS 12.6.x


On the CCS Manager machine that is processing the data collection job:

1.) Stop the Symantec Data Processing service.

2.) Edit the <install path>\symantec\reporting and analytics\ccs\dps\symantec.CSM.DPS.exe.config file in a text editor.

        WARNING: Backup this file before making any changes.

3.) In the </appSettings> section of this file change the following existing key to have a value of true (as shown):

       <add key="EnableRecordsWarnings" value="true" />

4.) Now underneath this key add an additional key with the value true:

       <add key="EnableRecordsInformation" value="true" />

5.) Save the file and restart the Symantec Data Processing service

6.) Rerun the data collection job and note additional errors, if any, in the job messages.

NOTE: Revert changes to the above file after diagnostics are made.