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Version conflict issue with ComponentOne VSFlexGrid8 breaks controls of Asset Edit page


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Asset Management Solution


Some 3rd party software may contain newer version of ActiveX components used in some Asset pages for grid controls.

Affected page is, for example, asset Edit Page > https://NS/Altiris/AssetContractCommon/Manager/EditCreateResource.aspx?itemguid=......

Genearally, all Asset Edit windows where multiple row data classes are used may be affected.

Current version for Altiris Console is 8.0.20031.172. 

If customer installs software with a newer version of ComponentOne Flexgrid (e.g. iGrafx Process 2015) he receives pop-up window saying that the product version is 
not licensed - new version is VSFlexGrid8 8.0.20101.261. After clicking OK, he can't edit Assets, due to missing controls on several places on edit page.



Issue appeared after changes in ComponentOne VSFlexGrid.
It appears that, for some reason, new VSFlexGrid controls show security warning if HTML object tag contains at least one parameter node.
Unfortunately it seems that not all parameters have effect when grid already loaded.



Symantec development is currently looking for options to remove those ActiveX components completely and replace them with other technology.
There is no estimated time of product version when this will happen.

However, there is following workaround:

Open Internet Settings in your browser and navigate to Zone which has your SMP listed (Loca Intranetl or Trusted Sites usually).
Open  list of settings for that zone by clicking on "Custom level..." button and set Enable for setting "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting".

After save and restart of browser controls should start working.


Note: ComponentOne licensing pop-up window will be still shown, but it won't cause any further issues after above change in settings.