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Failed to append file chunk error during software library package upload


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IT Management Suite Software Management Solution


When uploading a package to the Software Library the package gives a "successful" status but confirmation of the file shows it is malformed or smaller than the the original source file.

Altiris alogs show an error: "Failed to append file chunk"


Likely cause: Java uploads files in 10 MB chunks. Altiris then appends these chunks to build the final file. If the file is accessed by another process before the upload is complete, then a "file is in use" exception occurs and the upload fails before completion. However, Java believes that the upload has completed successfully and shows a "completed" status.


If the scheduled Altiris task NS.Package Distribution Point Update Schedule is the process causing the issue there are two work around options:

  1. Disable NS.Package Distribution Point Update Schedule until the upload is completed.
  2. Change the package distribution point to execute at longer intervals. (Example: >30 minutes). By default this is set to 10 minutes. This extends the time allowed for the upload to successfully complete.

Both of these corrections can be made through Windows Task Scheduler on the NS.


If these work arounds do not correct the issue perform the following steps to find the process that is interfering with the upload. Note that in one case we traced the issue, using the below steps, to a third-party anti-virus tool that was scanning the SW library folder we were uploading to.

  • Download and install the Microsoft System Internals utility Process Monitor.
  • Start Process Monitor and then import the package
  • Complete the import and note the GUID that is assigned to the new SW release
  • Navigate to the Software Library folder and then to the GUID folder of the imported software (verify that the file size is incorrect).
  • Copy the folder path to the GUID folder.
  • Filter for this path into the Process Monitor to view all processes that are referring to the folder.