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Chinese file name garbled when IE saving attachment via SWG inline


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Symantec Products


When an end user is saving a file attachment from a webmail service via SWG inline, Internet Explorer displays a file saving dialog box with a garbled Chinese file name. Chrome or Firefox via SWG inline does not exhibit the same issue. The problem does not occur when IE connects directly to the Internet.
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Configure SWG in inline blocking mode (enable Packet capture on SWG).
2. Login to Protected PC and browse to using IE 8 or 11.
3. Login to a web mail server
4. Once you login, go to Inbox and click on sample email with subject "testing Chinese attachments" from "test".
5. You will see two .rar Attachments with some Chinese words as part of the file name.
6. Click on "Download" and IE will pop up a small window to Open or Save a file. At this point, you will see the file name is garbled.



To workaround this issue, use Chrome or Firefox.