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Remote syslog for audit and other logs is truncated at 1024 bytes


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Messaging Gateway for Service Providers


When writing message audit data and logs to a remote syslog server, the default behavior in Messaging Gateway for Service Providers is to truncate the log data to 1024 bytes per line / write.


This limit was originally put in place to respect the size limits of some syslog servers.


Support for remote syslog logging of lines greater than 1024 characters can be enabled by setting the longLines="true" attribute in bmiconfig.xml syslog tag.

Example Configuration

Default configuration which truncates remote syslog lines to 1024 bytes:

<syslog enabled="true" level="4">syslog|local1</syslog>

Configuration to allow writing remote syslog entries longer than 1024 bytes:

<syslog enabled="true" longLines="true" level="4">syslog|local1</syslog>