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DE Disk monitoring job, the "Return immediately' option - how does it work?


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


In the DE documentation, it could be read: 
"In a Disk monitoring job, wait mode 
Return immediately 
Checks for the conditions immediately. If the conditions are met, the job completes 
successfully. If the conditions are not met, the job fails. This is the default". 

What conditions should be met? In the job definition, From...To criteria are grayed out.


In the DE Disk Monitoring job, what conditions should be met for the 'Return immediately' option?


Release: DSWAHA01300-12-Workload Automation DE-High Availability


With the ‘Return Immediately’ option, there is no such outcome as a job failure.

NB. Only if specified drive (partition, storage) is invalid, the job would go to the Suberror state; the Range and other values are not applicable, and only the drive and the format are available for the ‘Return immediately’ option. 

The job set with the 'Return immediately' returns current usage of the space, and then go to the Complete state.