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Fine tuning the performance of CCS 11.1 Console.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Fine tuning the performance of Content Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.1 Console.


  1. Within the CCS Console navigate to Settings->General->Application Customization->Asset Count
    Here the default value is 2000.If it is set to more it will cause the console to slowdown. So, adjust it accordingly.
  2. Rename the Preferences folder at the location-
  3. Launch the CCS Console and open Task Manager and find the Symconsole.exe process.
    Right click on that process and select open file location. This will take you to the CCS console folder.
  4. Now close the CCS Console and in the Console folder find the two folders called "AppServerResultsTemp" and "AppServerWFTemp".These folders have temp files in them. You can clean them out if they are present. 
  5. Then under the :\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Application Server folder you will see "AppServerConfigTemp" and "AppServerResultsTemp" folders. 
    Turn off the application server service and then clean these two folders out also if they are present. Then restart the service.
    These files are all loaded when console opens and can take up a lot of memory.CCS generally cleans them off automatically but if in case orphan entries are there then clean it.
  6. If the performance of the CCS Console is slow on a Machine with no internet then refer this article as well-
  7. Refer the following article for Best practices to enhance the performance of CCS