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How to add a condition for password-protected attachment to a policy


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How to add a password protected attachment condition to a policy.


The Attachment is Password Protected condition enables you to check for password-protected files that are attached to an email.  This setting can help you identify if users send unauthorized confidential material out of the company.

The attachments that are checked are Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 format files, and PDF files.  Password-protected file attachments are not scanned for content-based conditions.  For this reason, we suggest that you establish a policy whereby password-protected file attachments are redirected to your system administrator. In this way, you can monitor who sends or receives these attachments.  You can then take action based upon your agreed email security policy.


To add an Attachment is Password Protected condition to a policy

  1. Select Services > Data Protection > Email Policies.

  2. Open the policy that you want to amend, or choose to create a new policy.

  3. Click Add Rule and select the Attachment is Password Protected condition from the Add a condition drop-down list.

  4. Add more conditions to the rule or click Save.