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"The certificate used to identify this application has expired." appears when trying to add DS driver or other files via console


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Starting December 1st 2015, a prompt appears stating certificate has expired when using java based DS file importer or browser.

This would happen when trying to import drivers into Driver Management, OS files into the SOI, or selecting a file for the Copy File task, among other things.


The certificate of CopyFolderFile.jar expired  December 1, 2015.


The certificate has been updated as of DS 7.6 HF7. To no longer see this prompt, upgrade to this version or newer.

If you are unable to upgrade, you can add your SMP to your java Exception Site List to be able to proceed past the warning. This will not prevent the warning from appearing, however. This exception will have to be added on any endpoint that uses the console. To add the exception, open your Java Control Panel and click the Security tab, and click Edit Site List at the bottom left, then add your SMP server http path to the list (http[s]://[SMPname]/Altiris):