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Getting Ghost Solution Suite 3.X to store images on network drives that require authentication


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Ghost Solution Suite


There are permission related issues when accessing/creating images stored on network drives from Ghost Solution Suite 3.0.

Error -99


WinPE/Ghost environment does not have sufficient privileges to access network drives that require authentication. When the computer is in Ghost.exe environment, the computer cannot provide adequate permissions to the network drive for authentication. Since permissions do not exist the network drive will reject the ghost connection.


Map the drive :

After the above has been completed, open your boot configuration and map your server drive to a drive letter. Drive M:\ is being used to map the ghost server share so lets choose drive N:\

net use N: "\\servername\C$\folder" /user:username password

*this is an example and not an actual network drive

If the user and password you passed to the network are valid and have correct permissions, this should allow Ghost Solution Suite to access the network drive.



If you do not want to pass username and password information you can follow the procedure below.. this however is not recommended as the network share would have wide open permissions. To remedy this, you can set the network drive to be wide open or have no authentication.


Then you can map a server like normal, without username and password following the netuse command

net use N: "\\servername\C$\folder"