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Unable to add additional command line switches to Distribute Disk Image tasks.


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Ghost Solution Suite


There are times that additional command line switches need to be added to the Ghost executable to change the way an image is created or restored.   For example it is often needed to include the -ntexact switch to the ghost command line when restoring an image to a MS Surface Pro 3 system.



As of GSS (Ghost Solution Suite) 3 Hot Fix 3 any modifications to the Additional Parameters are not saved and the command line will revert back to the default command line. 



This issue is seen in GSS 3.0 HF3 and HF4.    A Point fix is available to be applied to a GSS 3.0 HF 4 server.  For more information on HF4 see Symantec™ Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 HF4 Release Notes

To apply this patch to a GSS 3.0 HF4 server perform the following steps. 


  1. Download the file from the attachment section of this KB in the upper right. 
  2. GO to the GSS server machine where the GSS is installed.
  3. Stop the Altiris express server service.
  4. Back up the Express.exe file on existing server and replace it with new one from the attachment.  
    • ​​The default path for the express.exe is c:\program files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\ 
  5. Start the Altiris express server service. 

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