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GHconfig version 7043 (7.6 HF3) and above do not properly detect Active Windows Installation for XP OSes.


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Deployment Solution


GHconfig is unable to detect Windows XP as an active windows installation. This will cause your Deploy Image task to fail.

"No Windows Installations found" when running GHconfig32.exe or GHconfig64.exe with the switch /findactivewindows, when the HDD has XP installed to it.

You can also find this error in the DStasks.log on machines you have attempted to image that you suspect may be having this issue.
The log is located in X:\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\Logs while in automation.


This was caused by a syntax issue in the code of GHconfig while attempting to improve its behavior for compatibility for newer OSes and more complex partitioning schemes back in our DS 7.6 HF3 code.


This issue is fixed in version 7060 and higher for GHconfig, which is included in DS 7.6 HF7.