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Disarm in Messaging Gateway may not detect and remove certain malicious code


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Messaging Gateway


The Disarm feature in Messaging Gateway may not detect and remove certain malicious code.


Under investigation


Symantec is aware of this problem and is currently working to develop a fix for it.

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Meanwhile, please ensure that the Messaging Gateway is using all of the other possible ways to detect and block the malicious files.

  • Is Messaging Gateway using Rapid Release definitions at the moment?
    • If not, please switch them on from the LiveUpdate settings of SMG, under the Malware section.
  • Customer Specific Spam rules could help blocking those messages if submitted through the SMG.
    • If not using Customer Specific rules already, please consider enabling them, as they are an effective measure against all spam in general.

More information on this feature is available in the product's administration guide and the following public article: About Customer Specific Rules creation methods

  • Lastly, Content Filter rules may also help to block malicious messages.
    • (e.g. Filters can be created based on single common characteristics of malicious messages, such as individual message headers or other elements.