admin CLI command 'update install' appears to stop executing
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admin CLI command 'update install' appears to stop executing


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Endpoint Detection and Response


When executing the 'update install' command within the admin command line interface (CLI), the update install command appears to stop functioning and does not return to the command line for an extended period of time.


The update install command can take some time to process. It may appear as though the system has locked up, but the command is still processing.



  1. Execute 'update download' to confirm that each ATP appliance correctly downloads the installation material.
  2. Once the updates are downloaded to the local ATP appliance, execute 'update install' to install the updates for the local ATP appliance.
  3. During each download command, monitor the installation progress by running the following command in another admin CLI session:
    tail -f /var/log/symantec/sgs-td/update.log