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Remote agent install fails access denied when Mcafee is installed


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Ghost Solution Suite


Remote agent install fails, access denied error when Mcafee is installed

Seen on Windows 7,8 & 10


Your error might resemble.

Connecting to server <IP Address> on port 402.
This agent can be remote controlled from the console.
The agent is not password protected.
Not prompting the user for any events.
Always connected to the server, never refreshing the connection.
Events: Starting install for machine <ComputerName>
Error installing remote installer service on <ComputerName>. Last Windows error was 'Access is denied.'.


Mcafee is blocking the Remote Agent Installers access to the client computer.


1. Uninstall/temporarily disable Mcafee and then run Remote Agent Installer
2. Install Dagent manually on client computer