I want to re-run my package how can I do it?
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I want to re-run my package how can I do it?


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The Endevor package is in the status of Executed or Exec-Failed. The package is a promotion package at the final stage.

I have a package that has executed(completed) or Exec-Failed(partly completed) can I issue a package RESET to re-run it?


Component: ENDBAS


The following are some scenarios and suggested resolutions. 

1)The promotion package in in Executed status. You delete backout members in error. You require the backout members to package ship.

-regenerate the Elements and then promote them to the final stage. 

2)The promotion package is in Exec-failed status.

-The best course of action is to continue with the execution of the existing package. If this is not possible copy the package and in the copied  package remove the elements that have executed successfully.  Then run the copied package with your changes and abandon the exec-failed package.





Additional Information

The package RESET command will only reset the status of the package. So if elements were successfully executed they will remain executed. When a package is in Executed or Exec-Failed status use extreme caution when resetting a package.