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Microsoft Removal Tool - Software Updates fail to be cleaned up from SMP & Package Servers


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Downloaded MSRT-001 in the Patch Remediation Center; found the packages physically create on the SMP/Package Servers, but when the next month's release is provided, the packages are not replaced with the new v2, v3 etc.

The physical packages remain on the SMP C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates\MSRT-001 and on the Package Servers storage directory. Confirmed there are still only 3 Package GUID Folders listed; however each one contains dozens of executables when only the recent one is needed.

Ran the Check Software Update Package Integrity Job and it fails to clean up the packages that are no longer needed within each of the 3 Package GUID Folders. Each folder content continues to stack the newer versions and taking up hard disk space as follows:


When each version of the package is updated; it is placed within the same Package GUID Folder and the database sees all versions as the same packages and therefore is unable to differentiate between them to clean up the 'old' packages.


This issue will be resolved in ITMS 8.0. This issue is resolved for Patch 7.5 SP1 - 7.5 SP1 HF5 by implementing the PointFix via the Sign-Off sheet steps attached.

Run the Check Software Update Package Integrity Job on the Console > Manage > Jobs & Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management; this will clear out any unused Software Update Packages unassociated to the Software Update Policies, and that would include the MSRT-001 packages following implementation of this PointFix.

In some cases it has been required to recreate the MSRT-001 packages in addition to running the Check Software Update Package Integrity task

This is currently being reviewed by Symantec Corp. for all other versions of Patch Management.


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