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Setting disarm logging level at INFO or DEBUG can cause repeated msserver crashes


Article ID: 162574


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Messaging Gateway


After setting the log level for the Disarm component to Information or Debug level, you begin receiving alerts indicating that the msserver process has crashed.


The msserver process which handles disarm operations is exceeding the maximum allowed file size limit for the log file. When the msserver process attempts to write a log entry which would cause the log file to exceed 50MB, the process is terminated.


This issue has been addressed with the SMG 10.6.1-4 release.

The msserver process is automatically restarted following an unexpected process termination but will immediatly terminate and restart if it attempts to write to it's log file when the log file is already at the 50MB limit. At this point the only option is to reset the Disarm log level to Warning or Error level via the Administration->Logging->Log Settings page or remove the existing log file as follows:

  1. Log into the scanner command line interface as admin
  2. Remove mscsvc_log file via the `delete file /data/logs/scanner/mscsvc_log` command

On the next service restart the msserver process will either no longer write to the log file or the log file will no longer be at the 50MB limit.

The Disarm log file is also rotated once per day and reset to zero length