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Unsigned Driver errors during SES:CSP 6.5 agent installation


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Embedded Security Critical System Protection


While you are installing the SES:CSP 6.5 Agent you receive errors stating Windows requires a digitally signed driver.

Windows requires a digitally signed driver

This error displays for each of the drivers installed by the SES:CSP 6.5 Agent.


The Windows 7 Professional or Windows Embedded POSReady 7 system you are installing the agent to does not have Microsoft Security update 3033929 installed.


The SES:CSP 6.5 Agent requires that Microsoft Security update 3033929 to be installed before installation of the agent.

For more information, read the SES:CSP 6.5 SymHelp files available from the Product Support page or the Help link inside the Management Console.

To fix this:

  1. Uninstall the SES:CSP 6.5 Agent
    If IPS was installed, this will require a restart.
  2. Download Microsoft Security update 3033929
  3. Install the Security Update
    It requires a restart.
  4. Install the SES:CSP 6.5 Agent.
    If IPS was installed, this requires an restart.