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7.5 SP1 HF5 Pointfixes


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Deployment Solution


Here are all the pointfixes that have been created for 7.5 SP1 HF5. Which we highly recommend installing in your environment. These fixes are intended only for 7.5 SP1 HF5.

WARNING- The following services will be stopped and restarted during installation:

  • World Wide Web Publishing Service (IIS)
  • IIS Admin Service
  • Altiris Support Service
  • Symantec Management Agent
  • Symantec Workflow Server
  • Altiris Inventory Rule Management Service
  • AexAgentSrvHost
  • Altiris Client Mesage Dispatcher
  • Altiris Service Hoster
  • Altiris File Receiver
  • Altiris Object Host Service
  • Altiris Client Task Data Loader
  • Altiris Service


Fixed in the 3767099 7.5 HF5 Combined file attached:
3715090 - Ghost Multicast fix made in Ghost executables
3746144 - Fixes an issue with SOI task  where DS plugin was starting before agent was running
3755480 - Predefined computer issue where computers wouldn't match up with name.domain brought in from AD imported computers
3805559 - SSL Alias issue when in automation
3699627 - AexBasicInventoryPointfix- Fixes 'unknown client machine unable to get any task in PXE'
3716209 - ClientPxeImagePFInstaller- Preboot files were not getting copied over correctly during build process
3732210 - Secure_Boot_PFinstaller- modifications made to bstap.efi so it works in automation



Other fixes which are attached but not included in the Combined file above:
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3640033 20 menu limit for
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3855765 no system
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3864281 ghost password
7.5_SP1_HF5_PF_3717372 Ghost files can't be imported resource


Download and install all packages on your Notification Server and Site Servers. After everything is installed, make sure you run a package refresh to update all the packages or wait over night for this to process. Then you will want to rebuild your Automation environment to put in place all the changes.


7.5_SP1_HF5_PF_3717372 Ghost files can't be imported resource get_app
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3864281 ghost password get_app
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3855765 no system get_app
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3654849 get_app
7.5_SP1_HF5_DS_PF_3640033 20 menu limit for get_app
3767099 7.5 HF5 Combined get_app