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Seeing issues when Adobe Shockwave Updates installed via Patch Management


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Found the following anomalies when utilizing Patch Management Solution to upgrade the Adobe Shockwave Software:

  1. Shockwave Updates deploy via Software Update Cycle in Patch Management; Client reboots outside the schedule and there are two separate installed Shockwave Software listed in Add/Remove Programs.
    • Shockwave 11 Update installs and the new version is in place; however, the older version is still present and listed in the registry:
  2. Each version of Adobe Shockwave is also set to Automatic Update = YES.


Patch Management Solution 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x


Adobe modified the update design of Shockwave which resulted in the following:

  1. Working as designed, for some instances of Shockwave require both versions to be present side-by-side.
    • Additional Note: Each installer type, .exe & .msi, adds a separate entry to the Add/Remove Programs as it is viewed by the OS to be a different installed software from the vendor.
  2. Confirmed that Patch Management is utilizing the .exe installer from Adobe as designed by the vendor; the conflicts occurs when the Software Update Installer runs the update, installs the Software to the newly designed locations set by the vendor, and reboots within the software itself.
    • The utilization of the .exe causes duplicate installation locations in the registry, for the process for updating via .exe is not designed by the vendor to target the opposing registry for uninstall, and it will only target the main installation path moving forward. This results in multiple versions of Shockwave being installed.
    • The installer is configured by Adobe to set that as default per TECH222441 as it is customized configurations within the software being refreshed by the vendor.


Review the following remedial steps to resolve any unwanted versions installed and Automatic Updates enabled:

  1. Work through the process to uninstall Adobe Shockwave segment no longer in use to match the mainstream installation and update utilizing the .exe moving forward.
    • This may be performed via Task Jobs to uninstall / clear the bad registry and Patch Management will utilize the correct install per the vendor
  2. Utilize a Software Delivery Job to deploy the specific .msi for Shockwave to be updated without using the .exe via Patch Management.
    • This will bypass the conflict in the software to allow for upgrading and managing the reboot and preventing the duplicate Add/Remove Programs entry as well

Please review with the vendor if there are any remaining questions, for these changes and configurations of the Software Update .exe lies outside the Patch Management Solution processes.

Note: The Patch Compliance Reports will still continue to accurately display Applicable/Vulnerable/Installed for these Software Updates.

Enhancement Request: The deployment management is currently under review to add the ability to manage the .msi over the .exe. 
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