How to remove the boot time out that is added by deploying a GSS 3.0 Automation Folder
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How to remove the boot time out that is added by deploying a GSS 3.0 Automation Folder


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Ghost Solution Suite


A new feature that is included in Hot fix 3 for Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 is Automation Folders.    Automation folders are not new to Symantec but are new to the GSS 3 product and the default behavior may not fit for a customer's use case.  

The use of the Automation Folders will modify the Windows Boot Menu and a new item, Symantec Deployment Solution Preboot Environment to the list and add a 30 second timer to allow users to select this option for troubleshooting.   

The installation of the Automation Folder won't cause an error but will enable the 30 second Windows Boot Menu timer that MS uses when there are multiple boot options entered into it.  
The new entry will be similar to this:

Windows Boot Manager
Choose an operating system to start, or press TAB to select a tool:
(Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice, then press ENTER)


Windows X
Symantec Deployment Solution Preboot Environment

To specify an advanced option for this choice, press F8.
Seconds unit the highlighted choice will be started automatically: 30 


     Windows Memory Diagnostic 


Because the Automation Folders are being added as an additional boot item to the default behavior when a second boot option is added to the Windows Boot Manager.    


A script can be ran on the clients that will set the count down timer to 0 and eliminate the boot menu option.    This script can be ran by it's self or if a distribute software task is being ran a run script can be added to it so that the menu will be set to 0 as soon as the installer is finished running.   See the Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 HF3 Automation Folder User Guide for more information on how the Automation folders can be configured and also be deployed as a Job. 

Below are the steps to create a Run script task.   

  1. Create a new Job​
    • File> New> Job 
  2. ​Select the Add button to add a Run Script task to the job. 
    • ​​Add>> Run Script. 
  3. ​In the Run this script:  window type ​the following script. 
    •                                 ​​BCDEDIT /timeout 0
  4. ​Next> Next> Finish

​You now have a job that has a task to run a script to turn off Windows Boot Manager timeout that can be ran on any of your systems that have already had the Automation folder installed to them or could be included in your Automation folder Deployment task.