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Imaging packages that are created on Site Servers are displayed as 0KB in siz


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Deployment Solution


Imaging packages that are created on Site Servers are displayed as 0KB in size

There are not any error messages other than under the Package Server tab the package will show as 0k in size.


The DS code didn't not create write out the size of the package for packages (images) that were created directly on the package server. Changes were also made to the Package Server code to force the size entry into the databse.



Upgrade to 7.6 HF6 and make sure that the 'Windows Package Server Agent Upgrade", and "Deployment Site Server Components (x64)/Deployment Site Server Components (x86)/- upgrade' policies are enabled. These policies will update the associated components on the site Servers and fix the issue for newly created packages.

Note: After enabling the 'Windows Package Server Agent Upgrade', manually change the schedule from 'ASAP' to a particular time.  There is a bug that causes 'ASAP' to not run.


If you want to fix your older packages you will have to re-import the image using our resource import tool or manually make the change in SQL.


Manual Steps:

To manually make the change you will need to find the size of the files in KB format, then find the image package id  in the SWD_Package table. Once you have the info, fill in the areas marked in red, and run it in SQL to make the change.

SQL Script:

update SWDPackage set [Package Size] = SIZE OF PACKAGE where PackageId =  'PACKAGE ID'

After the changes have been applied either wait over night for the changes to go into affect, or run a Package Refresh of all your packages.

You can edit older builds of Deployment Solutions with this manual process, for each of your packages.