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Unable to View Database Table Details in the Enforce UI


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


A feature introduced in DLP version 14.0 involves the display of Oracle Table and Tablespace information, data that until now was only displayed by starting a SQLPlus session and pasting in the appropriate query.  With version 14, it's a simple matter of navigating to the proper screen.

Problem is present when the user navigates to the screen and receives no relevant content.  Only an error stating, "operation not allowed on this segment"

ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SPACE", line 214 ORA-06512: at "ORAPRCHINADLP.DDV_SHOW_SPACE", line 802 ORA-06512: at "ORAPRCHINADLP.DDV_SHOW_SPACE", line 1527 ORA-10614: Operation not allowed.

Permissions are in line with DLP installation guidance.

Presence of this issue is not related to permissions or other issues with the product.


Download the file DDV_show_space_b.pls

1.       Compile the the file by logging into SQL Plus terminal as ‘protect’ user from the directory where the file has been placed and typing the following
2.       Restart the Manager service.
3.       Navigate to System->Database->Table Details page.
4.       Click on ‘Update Table Data’ button to refresh the data.
5.       Refresh after a few minutes and check to be sure the tables, LOB segments and Indices details continue to appear.

If this fails to fix the issue, collect the output from the following query, and open a case with Symantec DLP Technical Support:

SELECT * FROM DDV_data_refresh;


DDV_show_space_b.pls get_app