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Unexpected behavior when utilizing SSN# template in Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE)


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


When utilizing the SSN# template for a content filtering rule, in some instances social security numbers are not triggering the content filtering rule referencing the SSN# template.



The engine utilized to process the regular expressions is not correctly identifying the boundry of words placed at the very start in the body section of an email.




This issue is resolved in SMSMSE 7.5.3. Upgrade to 7.5.3 to resolve this issue.



A hotfix has been created to address this issue. Note that this hotfix is applicable only to the SMSMSE 7.5.2 release.

Steps to apply Hotfix:

    1. Stop SMSMSE services, "Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange" and "Symantec Mail Security Utility Service"
    2. Back up the files "patternfilter.dll" from SMSMSE install folder <InstallPath>\SMSMSE\7.5\Server
    3. Download the attached file "patternfilter.dll" to location <InstallPath>\SMSMSE\7.5\Server
    4. Start the SMSMSE services





patternfilter.dll get_app