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Enable LargeAddressAware for 32-bit applications on 32-bit Windows Systems


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services


Limited virtual space available for Symantec Protection Engine (symcscan) service, which impacts scanning performance.


On 32-bit editions of Windows, applications have 4 GB of virtual address space available. The virtual address space is divided so that 2 GB is available to the application and the remainder 2 GB is available only to the system. The 4-gigabyte tuning (4 GT or 4 GT RAM tuning) feature, increases the virtual address space that is available to the application up to 3 GB, and reduces the amount available to the system to 1 GB and 2 GB.

To resolve this issue, enable LARGEADDRESSAWARE for 32-bit applications on 32-bit Windows system, by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the command prompt with administrator privilege.
  2. Take a backup of the original settings as bcdedit > before.log.
  3. Run the following commands :
    bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072
    bcdedit /set pae ForceEnable

    Note: Before rebooting the system, run bcdedit to check if IncreaseUserVa has changed to 3072 and PAE is ForceEnable
  4. Reboot the system to bring the change into effect.
  5. After reboot, run "bcdedit" on the command prompt and verify the following values:
    pae                     ForceEnable
    increaseuserva          3072

For more information on 4-Gigabyte Tuning: BCDEdit and Boot.ini, go to‚Äč