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Process View Page not getting shown to users when Process View Type is set to Basic.


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Workflow Solution ServiceDesk


The notable pages where this may occur in Servicedesk are SD Change View (access governed by ServiceDesk.Pages.FullChangeView permission) or SD Incident View (access governed by ServiceDesk.Pages.FullIncidentView permission) pages where users do not get the full process page despite having the necessary permissions.

This may only happen to some users - especially users that have high level of permissions, most notably Portal.SuperAdmin permission - while other still see the full process page.

These two process view pages are ServiceDesk specific and are most likely to be affected by the configuration. The same issue may occur with any other process view page.


Process View Type property in process view page definition is set to Basic instead of Extended (that it is set to out-of-box).


  1. In Portal (logged in with Administrator user), navigate to Admin > Portal > Manage Pages
  2. Navigate to Process View Pages > SD Change View / SD Incident View / problematic process view page
  3. Click 'Edit Page' and make sure Process View Type setting is set to 'Extended'
  4. 'Save'
  5. In some cases IIS and Workflow service need to be restarted for the change to take effect

This issue is resolved in Workflow and ServiceDesk 8.0 and newer.