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Resource Requisition of labor resource with half capacity of role it is replacing shows zero percent role allocation instead of fifty percent.


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Using Resource Requisition with labor resource with half capacity of role it is replacing 

When using Resource Requisition to book a labor resource, although labor resource has only half the capacity of the Role it is replacing, when the booking is completed the role allocation shows zero percent instead of fifty percent.

Why is this the case?

Here are the steps carried out:

1. Create a project Jan 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

2. Create a Role that has 7 hours availability

3. Create a Resource that has 3.5 hours availability

4. Allocate Role7 to the project team for 100% (1,820 hours)

5. Check the box next to Role7 and from action menu, select Create Requisitions

6. Requisition Type = Request Resources, click ‘Create and Open’ button

7. Go Team, Requisitions page

8. Click on the name of the Requisition

9. Go to Resources tab, click ‘Add’ button

10.Pick the Resource3.5, click ‘Add’ button

11.The resource is added to the requisition and the hours allocated are 50% of the total hours due to the resource’s 3.5 daily availability

12.Go back to the Requisition, Resources tab

13.Click ‘Book’ button

14.Go to Team, Staff page

15.Resource3.5 shows 910 hours allocated.

16.Role7 shows 0 hours allocated and 0% allocation. This is not expected.


Expected: Role7 should show 910 hours allocated and 50% allocation remaining.


1. Repeat steps, but in this example change the Role7 initial allocation to 200% for a total of 3,640 hours

2. Resource3.5 shows 910 hours allocated. 

3. Role7 shows 1,820 hours allocated and 100% allocation.  This is not expected.


Expected: Role7 should show 2,730 hours and 150% allocation remaining.



CA PPM v144.4, v15.1, v15.2, v15.3


By default CA PPM uses allocation percentage to fulfil roles in a named resource in booking a requisition. 

If you go to the Administration, Project Management Settings page and change the 'Requisition Booking' field from 'Use Allocation Percentage' to 'Use Available Work Units' and follow the STR, you will see that the resource selected is booked for 100% and the role remains with 50% still on it.