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Security Role Manager and Policy Filter Picker Will Not Open Eventually Timing Out


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IT Management Suite


When clicking on the security role manager button or trying to select computers in a filter picker, the web page simply times out and never loads.  After about 11-15 minutes, the error message indicated below is found in the SMP logs.

[CDATA[Socket receive failed
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
   [System.Net.Sockets.SocketException @ System]

"There was a failure when running the Report and displaying the results.
Failure binding to Report for the purpose of viewing.
   [Altiris.Reporting.Common.Exceptions.ReportRunException @ Altiris.Reporting.UI]
   at Altiris.Reporting.UI.ReportViewControl.OnLoad(EventArgs e)


The stored procedure spResourceSearchSelectProviderByResourceType is called when the security role manager or the policy filter picker is ran.  This stored procedure relies, by default, on TEMPDB.  If this database is experiencing problems, it can cause these sections of the console not to load.


Reworked stored procedure spResourceSearchSelectProviderByResourceType so that it no longer relies on the TEMPDB.  This greatly improves the response time and should implementation of this stored procedure should be considered.  However, it is probably a good idea to review SQL Server Implementation Best Practices and Performance Tuning  While this stored procedure is an improvement, it does remove the requirement for TEMPDB.  That does not mean TEMPDB could not use some tweaking or review on your SQL configuration.

This problem was discovered on ITMS 7.5.  Benefits can be gained by implement this stored procedure in 7.6.  Please see the attachment section of this article for the updated stored procedure.  As always, it is a good idea to backup the current stored procedure before updating.

This stored procedure is currently under review by Symantec development for inclusion in a future release.  Please reference eTracks 3862706 and 3862840 when calling Symantec support.


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