Installing release 11.6 and running in compatibility mode
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Installing release 11.6 and running in compatibility mode


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Easytrieve Report Generator


What should be considered when upgrading to release 11.6 and setting up a new environment with Easytrieve 11.6-C SP0? 
What steps are needed?  Where is this documented?



Easytrieve Report Generator, release 11.6


When ready to migrate to release 11.6, please start by running any recompiled programs in compatibility mode. This recommendation includes programs that use 'compile and go' mode for on-demand reporting. Compatibility mode functionality is available and is enabled when recompiling by setting the NEWFUNC option to N. In compatibility mode, programs are compiled and executed in the same way as under the release 6.4 compiler. The only additional migration task to perform is to copy your release 6.4 options table load module EZTPOPT to release 11.x. This is done by copying the EZTPOPT load module from the release 6.4 CAILIB to CBAALOAD for r11.6 and higher (or CAILIB for r11.0/r11.5). 

After your programs run successfully in compatibility mode, please continue to enable new function mode by doing the following: 

Create another options table that is set to enable new functionality (with NEWFUNC Y specified) via the JOB06OP1/JOIB06OP2 jobs in your SAMPJCL library. 

Use the new //EZOPTBL DD in your JCL to point to the new options table. If you link your programs, the load modules created and linked under the earlier release continue to run under release 11.x with no changes in compatibility mode. 

So, to answer your question, please install release 11.6. 

Once this release is installed, then you will need to: 

1. Copy EZTPOPT module from release 6.4 to your new release 11.6 CBAALOAD library. 

2. If running some jobs in compatibility mode and some as true release 11.6, create a second options file with NEWFUNC set to N. This is done via or JOB06OP2 (for release 11.6). 

Please see this link from our Release 11.6 documentation - Migrate from Release 6.4 to 11.6.