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Network Discover scans fail with "The Local Drive for mount is in use" when scanning remote shares.


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


When performing discover scans of remote shares the scans may show "The Local Drive for mount is in use --l:"

"Oct 1, 2015 3:45:45 PM","WARNING","SHARE 10/01/15 - 1:52 PM","FAILED_ITEM","//SERVERNAME/folder","0","The Local Drive for mount is in use  -- l:.","","",""


There is several different scenarios that could cause this error to occur.

  1. The letter mentioned in the error could already be used on the system itself. (I.E. CD-ROM using Z: as a drive letter)
  2. The scan is large enough where the allowed drive letters are still in use by the discover scan.


If Running 14.0.x upgrade to 14.0.2 or 14.6.mp1

If Running 14.6 upgrade to 14.6 mp1