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In the Agent UI, on a Managed Software Delivery policy properties web part, the "Run History" tab is showing the wrong exit code.


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Software Management Solution


Problem Description:
Customer is running a managed software delivery policy that executes a VB Script.  The run history tab shows an exit code of exit code 2147504141.  See the following screenshot:

However, the true and valid exit code is -2147463155.  This exit code IS showing in the agent.logs as:  "Program 'ProgramName' completed. Exit code=-2147463155."

The VBScript.log file also shows the true valid exit code matching the logs:
Vbscript log:
8/28/2015 4:48:11 PM **************Ending Script*************
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM **************Starting Script*************
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM Retrieving local computer name.
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM Local Computer name is: xxxxxx
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM Checking TPM Ownership.
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM TPM is owned
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM Checking if Computer is on domain.
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM Computer is connected to the domain
8/31/2015 1:00:07 PM Retreiving LDAP path for xxxxxx
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM Successfully found Computer object LDAP path in AD
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM Determining Operating System
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM Accessing Windows 8.1 TPM Owner GUID in AD
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM No TPM GUID present for this computer object, looking for Windows 7 TPM Hash
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM Retreiving LDAP path for xxxxxx
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM The computer name 'xxxxxx' cannot be found.
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM Hash does not exist in AD for this computer object, exit with error -2147463155
8/31/2015 1:00:08 PM **************Ending Script*************

Note, the TASK GUI does return same code as the vbscript as shown in the following screenshot:

Policy Run History shows different Exit code. <rtaImage (2).png>




Product Defect


This has been referred to Development for a fix.

The point fix and its sign off document have been attached to this case.
The sign off document provides the installation instructions.
The point fix is for 7.1 SP2 MP1 v11.

This issue has also been fixed in 7.6 HF5 and will be fixed in the next major release as well (8.0).


Sign_off_7.1_SP2_MP1_v11_SWM_PF_3848354.doc get_app
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rtaImage (2).png get_app
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