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Message Handling in Suspected Virus Quarantine


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Messaging Gateway


How Suspected Virus Quarantine handles messages.


When Symantec Messaging Gateway scans a message with suspicious attachments, the message is stored in the Suspect Virus Quarantine.

The message in Suspect Virus Message Quarantine will be stored for the time specified in the settings below. (default is 6 hours)

[Malware] - [Settings] - [Suspect Virus Settings] - [Automatically release messages older than]

After the specified time, the message will be scanned again to see if viruses are detected in the latest virus definition file.

  • If it is determined to be malicious, the message is processed according to the policy which has a condition "Contains a virus".
  • If it is not, the file is released from Suspect Virus Message Quarantine and delivered to the original recipient.