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Symantec Messaging Gateway Content Filter will not strip an attached .eml file


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Messaging Gateway


You create a content policy (compliance policy) which strips all attachments including an e-mail message (*.eml).

Symantec Messaging Gateway (hereafter "SMG") triggers the content policy violation on a message which has *.eml as an attachment as expected, but delivers it with *.eml un-stripped.



Symantec is aware of the issue and is going to address it in the next release.


  1. On Control Center, go to Content, Attachment Lists, and Add an attachment list.
  2. Name the attachment list as "EML" and choose If the Extension is radio button, then enter "eml" in the text box and click Add.
  3. Save the list.
  4. Go to Content, Email, and Edit the existing content filtering policy which has "strip all attachments" action.
  5. Click Add under Actions, select Strip attachments in the dropdown, choose Strip attachment lists: radio button, then choose "EML" attachment list from the dropdown and hit Add Action.
  6. Click Save to save the updated content policy.