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Admin policy group member count incorrect following restore of policy backup


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Messaging Gateway


Following the restore of a policy backup to the Messaging Gateway control center, the member count for an administrative police group does not show the correct number of administrators. This only occurs when the admin policy group was modified after the policy backup was taken and members added or removed from the affected policy group.


The list of administrators below shows a single administrator account configured.

But following the restore of a policy backup from a time when there were three administration accounts on the system, the policy group appears as follows.


The number of administrators in an administration policy group is updated as administrators are added or removed but the count is stored as a static number and is note syncronized to the number of administrators following a policy restore.


This is a known issue and will be addressed in a future release. Please subscribe to this document to be automatically notified of any updates.

Adding and removing administrators from an admin policy group will not reset the count but a new admin policy group can be created to replace the group with the incorrect count and the old group deleted.

  1. Log into Messaging Gateway as an administrator which has either Full Administration or Manage Administration rights
  2. Go to Administration->Policies->Administration
  3. Select "Add" to create a new admin policy group
  4. Set the administration rights and name to the desired values and click "Save"
  5. Go to Administration->Users->Administrators
  6. Select an administrator account you want to move to the new group
  7. Select the administration policy group created in step 4 from the "Use existing Administration policy" pulldown menu and click "Save"
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all administrators in the admin policy group you want to replace
  9. Go to Administration->Policies->Administration
  10. Select the admin policy group with the incorrect count and click "Delete"