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Find User page does not find users in some LDAP based policy groups


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Messaging Gateway


When searching for the policy groups for an email address via the Control Center Administration -> Users -> Find User page, some policy groups which are based on LDAP organizational units (OU) are not displayed.


LDAP policy groups which are based on an OU with a space in the name are not searched by the Find User feature.

For example, a policy group based on the following organizational unit would not be returned by the Find User feature even if the OU contained a user object with a matching email address:

"OU=Test Orginizational Unit, DC=domain, DC=com"


This is a known issue when using organizational units (objectclass=organizationalUnit) as the base for a policy group rather than an LDAP group (objectclass=group). This issue does not affect policy groups based on LDAP groups, only those based on LDAP organizational units.


  1. Rename the organizational unit to remove the spaces
  2. Use LDAP groups for SMG policy groups rather than OUs