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Message Audit Log verdicts do not match expected terminology


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Messaging Gateway


When viewing the Message Audit Logs (MAL) in Messaging Gateway (SMG), some verdict references do not clearly match configurable features in the SMG control center. The following table clarifies the most commonly questioned verdicts and maps them to the commonly used feature names.


MAL verdicts
 Verdict String  Configurable Feature
 sys-allow-ip  Local Good Sender IP List
 sys-deny-ip  Local Bad Sender IP List
 dns-allow  Third Party Good Sender List
 dns-deny  Third Party Bad Sender List
 safe  Symantec Global Good Sender List
 opl  Symantec Global Bad Sender List
 freq_sa  Spam Attack
 freq_va  Email Virus Attack
 freq_dha  Directory Harvest Attack
 sys-allow-email  Local Good Sender Domains
 sys-deny-email  Local Bad Sender Domains