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After a Deploy Image Task is ran, that is deploying an image that contains multiple partitions, the computer name is not changed


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Deployment Solution


When an image is deployed that contains multiple partitions using a Deploy Image task to a destination computer that is different that than source computer, the destination computer will not be renamed.

There will be no error message in the console but the destination computer will have the same name as the computer from which the image was taken from.  For example, if the source computer was named 'test', when the image is pushed out to the destination computer the system will be named 'test'


There is a situation where the DeploymentSolutionAgent.dll does not properly detect the active Windows partition provided to it by Ghconfig if the image contains two partitions..  Without an active Windows partition,the aforementioned DLL does not create the unattend.xml file that is used to rename the computer via Windows minisetup.

E.g.  Normal process would be for the unattend.xml to first be created in x:\ while in automation and then copied to <windows drive>:\windows\panther. This was not occurring.



This issue has been addressed in DS 7.6 HF5.  A pointfix for DS 7.5 sp1 HF5 is attached to this KB.

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