Unable to Boot to Automation Folder After Upgrading to Any Version of DS 7.6.


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Deployment Solution


After upgrading to 7.6 GA, 7.6 HF1, 7.6 HF2, 7.6 HF3, or 7.6 HF4 when a boot to automaion folder task is sent out the client will get the task, restart, and boot back to
production without ever getting into automation.  This can occur on 32 and 64 bit systems. This issue can occur but does not always occur.

Deployment Solution after upgrade to:
7.6 GA, 7.6 HF1, 7.6 HF2, 7.6 HF3, or 7.6 HF4

Steps to Reproduce:

1.)  Upgrade to a version of 7.6.
2.)  Install Automation Folders on client systems.
3.)  Notice that the boot folder is created on the client sytem.
4.)  Schedule a boot to automation task.
5.)  Task will fail because the task believes automation folder isn't installed (but it is).

The task will fail in the console after it tries to boot to automation.  Clients will simply boot back to production after the task is run.


The automation folder installer copies a 32 bit version of BCDEDIT to 64 bit systems and 64 bit to 32 bit in some cases.  This issue does not always occur.


Support has a work around for this problem.  Please contact Symantec Customer Care to open a support case for this issue or log a case through the customer portal.