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Updating the online viewing retention periods for reports


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What are the considerations for updating all of our online viewing retentions and can the changes be made via a BATCH utility such as the Database load/unload utility? Which PARMS need to be changed?


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


Regarding your questions on executing the Database LOAD/UNLOAD Utility to change the online viewing retention... 

Q1. Which parm needs to be changed? 

Answer 1A: 
-Online viewing retention for "reports" are defined on the reports VRDMU110 - Report Base Definition screen. 
-The fields on the VRDMU110 screen are known to the database load/unload utility as "TYPE 1" records. 
-The record format of an unloaded TYPE 1 record can be found in the following section of Dispatch documentation: 

CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide 
Chapter 12: Using the Database Update Utility - Starting on or around page 337 
Load Record Formats 
Type 1 - Report Base Addition, Modification and Deletion 

Specifically, within the TYPE 1 records, the field that contains the reports OLV retention in "DAYS" is located in offset/column 125 for a length of 3 positions. And the field containing the reports OLV retention in "GENERATIONS" is located in offset/column 128 for a length of 2 positions. 

Type 1 Field - Offset - Length - Description 
Hold Days ---- 125 ---- 3 - Number of DAYS to retain this report in OLV 
Hold Gens ---- 128 ---- 2 - Number of GENS to retain this report in OLV 

Answer 1B: 
-Regarding the online viewing retention for MSGCLASS entries, unfortunately, the MSGCLASS retention are not available to the database load/unload utility for batch updating. They can however be updated MANUALLY! 

To access a MSGCLASS entries OLV retention record, select option B.2 from the main menu to access the "VOVMI200-MSGCLASS Job Selection Screen". Then, tab down next to the MSGCLASS entry, type an 'X' in the OPT column next to it, and hit the enter key. This will put you on the "VOVMU210-MSGCLASS Retention Definition Screen" where you can manually type in the desired OLV retention. 

Answer 1C: 
Regarding changing the DEFAULT online viewing retentions for new occurrences of reports and MSGCLASS entries that don't already have an OLV retention record, select option 9.9 from the main menu to access the "VSGMU190-Sysgen Online Viewing Control Screen". To set new DEFAULT OLV retentions, modify the following fields: 

Define The Following For Report Use Of Online Viewing: 
Number Of Days To Hold Report Online (0-999) ==> 
Number Of Generations To Hold Report Online (0-999) ==> 

Define The Following For MSGCLASS Processing: 
Number Of Days To Hold MSGCLASS Online (0-999) ==> 
Number Of Generations To Hold MSGCLASS Online (0-999) ==> 


We would certainly recommend you do some TESTING before performing any kind of massive update to the database records. Perhaps run a couple of tests where you are only updating 1 or 2 OLV retention records. Run as many tests as you need to, to become familiar with the utility before undergoing massive record updates. Also, before any live updating of database records, it's always a good idea to take a BACKUP of the database files just in case.

Additional Information

Before executing the Database load/unload utility, in addition to the previously mentioned documentation in Chapter 12 of the System Programmers Guide, we would URGE you to review the following additional areas of documentation, and the following 2 knowledge articles, particularly 15878 which provides an excellent example of the "Basics Instructions" and "Key Points" for executing the utility. 

Article Id: 15878 - DSEXLOD(L) - Batch utility for updating large quantities of CA Dispatch database records 

Article Id: 33296 - Updating the print DESTINATION and PRINTER ID fields on the VRDMU130 and VSGMU235 screens respectively using a batch process. 

Additional Documentation: In the CA Dispatch User Guide for the Report Administrator manual - Chapter 18: Using the Database Load/Unload Utility DSEXLODL.