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Java Updates take over an hour to install


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Java Updates take over an hour to install.

Reviewed environment; found processes for Patch Management, specifically those with CL5.exe, were running in excess of 30 minutes and upwards to an hour in some cases.


Confirmed with the Data Development Team; CL5 processes are managing the Java installation as there are just too many possible problems with the Java installation for different environments and how things are initially implemented for Java Software. 

Found the most reliable way to install Java as the process is broken down as follows:
1. Determine what versions of Java are currently install on the machine via the registry uninstall keys.
2. Install the Java Software.
3. Loop through the registry keys to ensure Java was installed.
4. Uninstall all the old Java installations.


The process is working as currently designed; however, the process to decrease registry checks and lower installation time is currently being reviewed by Symantec Inc. 

Please ensure there is enough time allotted for the Client to complete the Java Software update process in the scheduled Software Update Cycle.