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Create New Event MDR Product validation


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Create New Event MDR Product validation

When you use event policy to "create a new event" you can specify the MDR product you want the new event to use. We are using the Connector accelerator which has an MDR product of CA:77001. When we enter the MDR product value the validation of the MDR Product fails and the next button is greyed out.
We need to know how we can update this so that the connector accelerator is seen as a valid MDR product.


SOI 4.0 SP2


Add the following lines to the

..\SOI\tomcat\registry\topology\logical\tenant0\usmschema\usm-openenums.xml file

<usm-meta:EnumValue value="CA:77001" shouldBeTranslated="false">
<usm-meta:Description>Accelerator Connector</usm-meta:Description>

This adds the connector to the predefined connector lists that are displayed when you right click the "Alerted MDR Product" field and select "Values" .
Stop SOI and UI services, run the registryloader command and restart the services.