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Inventory Plug-in Upgrade Policy 7.6 HF4 incorrectly includes Mac, Linux and Unix clients


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IT Management Suite Inventory Solution for Unix/Linux Inventory Solution Inventory Solution for Mac


After upgrading to SMP & Inventory Solution 7.6 HF4, the Inventory Solution Plug-in Upgrade policy incorreclty indicates that Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) computers need to upgrade the inventory plug-in. 

The filter applied by default to this policy is 'All Windows/UNIX/Linux/Mac Computers Requiring Inventory Plug-in Upgrade'. This is the filter that does not update properly. 

The filter applied by default to this policy is 'All Windows/UNIX/Linux/Mac Computers Requiring Inventory Plug-in Upgrade'. This is the filter that does not update properly. Sometime after this policy should have upgraded all clients, this filter continues to list computers that require the upgrade. 


The actual cause is due to the Windows plug-in and the ULM plug-in sharing the same product code. The Inventory Solution for Windows version changed from 7.6.1423 to 7.6.1625. However, the Inventory Solution for ULM stayed at 7.6.1423. The SMP recorded a new version of 7.6.1625 for the product or solution. 

The SQL query for the filters compared the product version (7.6.1625) with the plug-in version reported by the ULM client (7.6.1423). This resulted in all ULM clients showing in this filter when they really have no update to apply. 


Development is working on a fix for this. The timing will be anounced in the near future. 

As an alternative, it may be possible to create a new filter and apply it to the Inventory Plug-in Upgrade policy instead of the default filter. Instructions follow: 


select i._resourceguid  ,, ca.[agent name], ca.[product version]

  from inv_aex_ac_identification i

    join inv_aex_ac_client_agent ca on i._resourceguid = ca._resourceguid

  where (i.[system type] in ('Mac','Unix')

    and ca.[Agent Name] = 'Altiris Inventory Agent'

    and ca.[product version] < '7.6.1423')


    (i.[system type] like '%win%'

    and ca.[Agent Name] = 'Altiris Inventory Agent'

    and ca.[product version] < '7.6.1625')


  1. Browse to Manage, Filters
  2. right-click on a desired folder
  3. select New, then Filter
  4. In the new window, rename the filter
  5. change the 'Filter Definition' to 'Query Mode: Raw SQL'
  6. paste in this sql
  7. click the 'save' button. 
  8. then, Browse to the inventory plugin upgrade policy, delete the existing filter and add this one. Test to ensure the membership is correct.