VMware ESXi Asset import fails with exception
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VMware ESXi Asset import fails with exception


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Control Compliance Suite Unix Control Compliance Suite Windows


You're unable to import ESXi assets when the asset import job is scoped to a Vcenter server.

Failed to add the asset : <Asset name>:<Asset IP>. Reason: The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.


The issue only occurs when you upgrade your CCS 11.0 base installation directly to SCU 2014-2. The issue will remain even if you install later SCU packages on your CCS installation.


Note: Do not refer to this solution, if you have taken any other upgrade path.


Use the attached utility to resolve this issue.


1. Download and extract the attached file ImportAssetTypeTool.zip on to the Application Server machine.

2. Run ImportAssetTypeChanges.exe and wait for the utility to finish running.

3. You'll get the following message once the utility finishes running: "Completed importing the Assettype changes."

4. Run the Asset import job once again to verify, if the ESXi assets are being successfully imported.



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