Product Update (PU) 2015-2 for CCS 11.1 release


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Product Update is required to deliver the enhancements and fixes for Control Compliance Suite version 11.1


Release Highlights:

The Product Update (PU) 2015-2 delivers the following new capabilities and enhancements to Control Compliance Suite 11.1:

  • New - CCS integration with CyberArk™ Enterprise Password Vault (EPV)
    • PU 2015-2 facilitates CCS integration with CyberArk™ Enterprise Password Vault (EPV). CCS users no longer have to save privileged user account passwords in CCS. Users can reuse the privileged accounts that are stored in CyberArk EPV within CCS.
  • New - features and enhancements in jobs management
    • Weekly and monthly schedules for recurring jobs.
      • Users can now specify recurrent days in a week or a month for data collection, data collection-evaluation-reporting, and asset import jobs, as well as queries. Users can also select specific days of the month or the ordinal days in a month to schedule recurring jobs.               
      • ISS APIs and Powershell commandlets for exceptions have been updated to enable weekly and monthly recurring job schedules.
    • New option to use latest data collection results for evaluation for data Collection-Evaluation-Reporting jobs
      • The Use latest data collection results for evaluation option has been added in the Standards workspace in the General Settings view.
    • Capability to configure asset timeout
      • A new configuration has been added to specify the duration up to which the data collection job or an asset import job can run for every asset in that job.
      • IIS APIs and PowerShell commandlets have been updated to initiate recurring schedules.
  • New - features and enhancements in Exception Management
    • New option to attach asset and check details
      • CSV files for assets and checks are sent as an attachment with the notification email upon the creation of a new exception.
    • New option to clone expired exceptions
      • Users can now create clones of the exceptions that have expired and provide new start and end dates.
    • Role-based access control
      • Now, only the users with appropriate roles and permissions can perform the exception management-related actions in CCS.
    • IIS APIs and Powershell commandlets​
      • IIS APIs and Powershell commandlets for exceptions have been updated in Exception Management.
    • Enhancements in the Request Exception wizard
      • Users can now select approvers while requesting an exception through the Request Exception wizard
      • The Select approvers panel lets you select one or more approvers for the exception request.
  • New - features in Query Management
    • Support has been added for the tokens for file name of exported query results.
  • New - RBAC for CCS Dashboards
    • PU 2015-2 adds role-based access control for restricted access on predefined dashboards.
  • Enhanced - CCS Agents
    • CCS now supports agent-based raw data collection for Oracle assets.
    • PU 2015-2 adds support for data collection for Microsoft SQL Server cluster on multiple instance and single instance agent-based computers.
    • With PU 2015-2, the content version for an agent is displayed on the Agents workspace.
    • Compiler upgrade for CCS AIX Agents
      • To enhance the compiler supportability, the GCC compiler is upgraded to GCC 4.9 for AIX platform.
    • PU 2015-2 includes APU packages for the following platforms:
      • AIX PPC64
      • Linux IA64
      • Linux PPC64
      • Linux x64
      • Linux x86
      • Solaris SPARC
      • Solaris x86
    • PU 2015-2 does not include APU packages for the following platforms:
      • Windows
      • Linux s390x
      • HP-UX
  • Other key features and enhancements include the following:
    • Only the users with CCS roles can now access the CCS web console.
    • Support has been added for Microsoft Word 2013 for policy documents.
    • Now, CCS SymHelp is available on cloud. You can access the updated SymHelp at the following location:

For more details on the new features and enhancements, refer to the PU 2015-2 Readme.​

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