How to print online report information to a dataset within Sysview for Db2
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How to print online report information to a dataset within Sysview for Db2


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


How to print online Sysview Performance Management Option for Db2 for z/OS (IDB2) report information to a dataset?


NOTE: This process only applies when using TSO to access Sysview for Db2: 

1). First allocate a sequential dataset using the following DCB parameters as an example: 
     (You can use ISPF 3.2 to accomplish this.) 
      RECFM=FB LRECL=400 BLKSIZE=4000. 
      Assume the dataset name is userid.IDB2.PRINT 

2). Invoke Sysview for DB2, and display the User Profile panel. This is option 7 off the TOOLS drop-down 
     menu. (Quick access is accomplished by entering T.7 in the Insight Command line.) 
     Then PF8 until you see the Print Parameters panel. Set the fields on this panel as follows: 

                         Print Method --> A 
                         Destination/Output ---> IDB2PRT 
                         Output Class A (not used when specifying print method of 'A') 
                         Listing ID .... (leave blank) 
                         Lines Per Page . . . . 00 ( '00' means unlimited lines with the header written once) 
                         Max LRECL (133-27988) . 00400     (match the LRECL specified for the previously allocated dataset)
                         Case --> M 

3). Dynamically allocate the print dataset so it can be used by your TSO Sysview for Db2 session. 
     This allocation will need to be done each time you log into TSO and access Sysview for Db2, and you 
     want to print Insight screens to a dataset. 
     From the Sysview for DB2 Command line, enter the following TSO command: 

                      TSO ALLOC DS('userid.IDB2.PRINT') DD(IDB2PRT) MOD

Note: A Disposition of MOD allows multiple panels to be printed to the dataset without overwriting a previous screen print. 

4). You are now ready to PRINT! 
     Navigate to the panel of interest, and use the PRINT Drop-Down menu to print either the 
     visible screen (Option 1), or the entire report (Option 2). 
     Quick access is accomplished by entering P.1 or P.2 from the Sysview for Db2 Command line, 
     depending on which print option you are interested in. 
     If you are on a panel that scrolls to the right (PF10/PF11), as well as down (PF7/PF8), like 
     THRDACTV, option P.2 will print a report that encompasses all lines in the panel, as 
     identified in the ITEM field in the top right of the screen, as well as all columns to the right.