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An empty error box is shown when you attempt to export cube views to Excel (.xlsx)


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IT Analytics


When you are attempting to export a cube view to xlsx format, an empty error box appears with no details inside.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Reports -> All Reports -> IT Analytics -> Cubes
2. Click on any Cube
3. Select measures and rows to populate the "View Configuration" section.
4. On the top select Details -> View Details -> Export -> Excel(.xlsx)


Exporting to xlsx format requires the "Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office" component on Symantec Management Platform server. 


To fix the issue, please download the OpenXMLSDKv2.msi from and install it on your Symantec Management Platform server. If the issue is still reproducible after the installation, please open up CMD and restart the IIS using the iisreset command.