Ghost throws an exception when attempting to image via http using DS 7.5 sp1 hf5 and DS 7.6 (all builds)


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Ghost throws an exception when attempting to image via http if the password used by the application ID is greater than 16 characters in length.

In the GhostERR.txt file the following can be seen:
"Invalid URL failed to create the image file. HTTP Result: 401, SSL error: 0"

Also while loaded into WinPE (automation) a pop up message will be displayed stating that ghost has failed.  It will give you the option to click OK.  If OK is clicked you ghost will use UNC instead of http.


By design, DS core will only allow passwords of 32 characters in length.    This limit is enforced on the NS side and within Ghost.exe and with unencrypted passwords (pre DS 7.5 sp1 hf5) everything works fine.  However, in DS 7.5 sp1 HF5 and later, Ghost now encrypts the password which doubles the length of the password.  A 17 character password now uses 34 characters and there is only space for 32 characters. Ghost throws the exception because it can't handle the encrypted password length.


Ghost.exe has been modified to work with longer encrypted passwords.  This fix will be available in DS 7.6 HF6 and in a pointfix for DS 7.5 sp1 HF5.

Until these fixes are released please call Symantec Technical Support to obtain executables that address this issue.

Please contact support at the Symantec Customer Care website.