Automation Folders fail to install on clients
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Automation Folders fail to install on clients


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Deployment Solution


Even though the preboot has been configured and created, the package has been deployed down to the client, the install fails. Symantec Agent may show the SWD task status that is can't find a file.  Further look in the Agents' log's and may see the same.  The file name is not specified.


One instance was found where the package source was missing InstallAutomationFolder.bat along with a 0k readme file and dsversion.txt.


Copied the 3 files from a known good source in to the package source on the NS, ran package refresh task and update distribution point task.  Wait for tasks to finish. Also wait for the package to update on your Site Servers if you have them. 

You may need to also perform the following steps if the above steps alone do not eventually work:

1) Create a clone of the Automation Folder install policy to do the install.
2) Delete the Automation Folder pkg from the client to force a redownload.